This clip contains footage of various hotels and motels in Berkeley. Begins with PAN of a motel in Berkeley. Cuts to various motels including a TraveLodge. WS of Hotel Shattuck from 2 views. WS PAN of a large estate. Cuts to another building with HOTEL. Various shots of interior of a hotel, men stand by check-in, people sit in a lounge, a couple walks through the entryway. A couple admires a large floral arrangement. A bartender fixes drinks for seated patrons. Other sit by large open windows as a waitress sets down appetizers before setting 2 napkins before men. CU of a man handing keys to another man. A frame holding several pictures of hotels hangs on a wall, above it reads: Free Teletype Reservations. Over a woman’s shoulder she can be seen using a typewriter. PAN of conference rooms including several tables with chairs. PAN of a dining hall, women in fancy dress sit and eat with each other.