Camera zooms out from a hotel building. A taxi cab parks next to a bellboy under a “Registration” sign. A couple checks into a hotel lobby with a receptionist next to a “Quick Check” sign. A bellhop exits an elevator carrying a woman’s suitcase and garment bag (luggage). Employees are seen around the hotel, cleaning bedrooms, working at a counter, and counting towels. Split screens display the different types of jobs: housekeeping, guest services (one man pushes a dolly), front office (a woman grabs a key from a shelf), and managers (in offices and meetings). Waiters serve food in a restaurant, and chefs cook inside a kitchen. A bartender works at a bar, and a busboy prepares a table. Stationary engineers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, gardeners, accountants, bookkeepers, cashiers, secretaries, typists, telephone operators, pianists, lifeguards, ski instructors, child counselors, barbers, beauticians, valet, florists, seamstresses, and public stenographers are shown at work. Cash (dollar bills) are seen at the end.