Shot of a towering building from below. Pan across buildings in Miami, Florida from raised position. Shopping on Lincoln Row. Palm trees lining road. Palm trees on sandy beach, girls in bikinis frolic by. They run into the water splashing. Boat with man on water skis rides by. Front entrance of Miami Skyways Motel. Miami at night. Kenilworth sign, Deauville sign, Monte Carlo sign. Carillon sign advertising New French Revue. Inside nightclub, girls with fabulous costumes dance on stage. They flip up their dresses and do saucy dance moves. They all do the splits in a line. Daytime at a pool a women’s legs walk gingerly around edge of pool. Woman dives in off diving board. Girl emerges from water near pool side and smiles toward camera. Man in sunglasses waves at girls in bikinis as they lie down with their feet in the air.

Not Explicit