This clip contains footage of Berkeley, and footage from trains heading to Berkeley. Begins with 2 businessmen sitting at a desk. One shows the other Berkeley pamphlets. CU of the pamphlet. The man points at the pamphlet and then to the back wall. They walk to a map of California and the man makes a sweeping gesture across the Northern part and points directly at Berkeley. CU of the man pointing at Berkeley on the map. WS of Berkeley. LS of a Berkeley street, telephone lines stand overhead and cars drive by on either side. Hotel Shattuck and American Trust buildings in BG. Various shots of streets with cars. MCU of the businessman fanning out pamphlets for cities. The other man looks through the pamphlets. POV from a train driving over a river and beneath a bridge. WS of the mountains. Interior of the train, 2 children sit next to their grandmother. POV from the caboose. WS of the Sierra Nevada mountains and Donner Lake. 2 women peer out their window. POV from the locomotive. MCU of the conductor pushing a lever. POV going over a bridge. Interior of the train where passenger’s sit, a courier nurse speaks into a mouth piece to describe the sights to passengers. Interior of the dining car. Cuts to a railway terminal, looks like a mission. A taxi driver holds the door open for a couple and places their luggage in the trunk.