This clip contains establishing shots of Berkeley.Begins with WS of Berkeley, California. PAN of the city. WS of Berkeley, Sather Tower is visible. MCU of a taxi pulling up to a curb, the driver opens the passenger’s door, a man in a suit and hat exits carrying a briefcase. He hands cash to the driver and walks off, zoom in to a sign: Berkeley Chamber of Commerce. Cuts to the passenger walking up stairs to a building labeled: Farm Bureau Building. Interior shot as the man enters. He enters an office with a United Air Lines calendar on the wall. The man removes a card from his suit pocket and hands it to a secretary, who enters another office and gives the card to a man at a desk. The secretary calls the man into the office. The 2 men shake hands then sit and talk. The man brings out notebooks from a bookshelf behind him. The men continue speaking as one signs papers in front of him.