Begins CU of a dirty open oven. Cuts to a woman putting on rubber gloves, then back to the oven. Animated asterisks fall over the oven and it dissolves into a clean oven. A tub of Green Magic appears. CU of the rubber gloves on a newspaper as a woman pushes it out of the way and sets down the tub of Green Magic. A woman’s hands takes the cream of Green Magic and puts a dollop on a child’s nose. Quick cuts of a pan being cleaned, a barbecue grill, a pot, a car headlight, another pot, a grill, and bicycle spokes. Cuts to a clean kitchen, animated asterisks fall over it followed by a tub of Green Magic. Cuts to a brand being placed in an open dog food container labeled Mighty Dog Beef. The brand catches fire then is removed to reveal Pure Beef on the food with steam coming off. CU of Mighty Dog from Carnation can. A fork cuts into the food on a plate. A dog eats out of a bowl labeled mighty dog, rack focus of the can of dog food. The dog finishes eating then sniffs the can. Repeat of the branding shot of Pure Beef. Text: No by-products. Fade in to a woman placing chicken onto a plate from a pot she is holding, her husband kisses her cheek and the pair smile. She wears an apron. Dissolve to them seated around a table eating with their small daughter. CU of the daughter eating a chicken leg. Dissolve to a woman in a kitchen talking to the camera. Dissolve to a box of Crisp’N Tender by Betty Crocker. CU of a chicken leg dipped in batter, then a pot with chicken being pulled from the oven. A family sits around a table with a white cloth as a plate of chicken is placed in the middle. A hand picks up a leg. A little boy smiles and eats chicken. Various people throughout the family eat and are happy. Dissolve to Crisp’N Tender box, Country fried chicken taste. Without frying.

Not Explicit