Commercials for Brylcreem and Crisp’N Tender batter mix. Begins with wealthy people partying on a yacht/sailboat. A woman puts on sunglasses, people dance. A man and woman hoist a rope together. A woman rubs sunscreen on a man’s shoulders. A man with large round sunglasses and binoculars around his neck that a woman is using. CU of a gel being squeezed into a palm. A little boy combs his hair the wrong way and it sticks up straight. CU of a little white cream in a man’s palm. The little boy brushes his hair the wrong way and it falls back in place. CU of a man as a woman runs her hand through his hair. Zoom out to a group of them with their arms around each other. WS of a sailboat on the water. Brylcreem Best-selling hair dressing. Fade in to a woman placing chicken onto a plate from a pot she is holding, her husband kisses her cheek and the pair smile. She wears an apron. Dissolve to them seated around a table eating with their small daughter. CU of the daughter eating a chicken leg. Dissolve to a woman in a kitchen talking to the camera. Dissolve to a box of Crisp’N Tender by Betty Crocker. CU of a chicken leg dipped in batter, then a pot with chicken being pulled from the oven. A family sits around a table with a white cloth as a plate of chicken is placed in the middle. A hand picks up a leg. A little boy smiles and eats chicken. Various people throughout the family eat and are happy. Dissolve to Crisp’N Tender box, Country fried chicken taste. Without frying.