Footage of Billy Rose’s Aquacade from 1939 World Fair. Close up shots of women in large dresses walking down side of pool like a runway. Shot of dancers on opposite side of pool with Paris set in background. Long shot of dancers with large bouncy balls with sea horse set in background. Close up shot of dancers bouncing balls. Shot of dancers in front of pool, running around with giant bounce balls. Shot of pool with swimmers in it, fountains coming out of water. Shot of swimmers swimming around fountain together in circular motion. More shots of swimmers with fountains. Shot of people dressed like angels coming down the steps behind the pool. Shot of dancers in front. Shot of back wall rotating to shot the steps going away. Shot of audience walking out. Various shots of statues on fountains. Shot of marching band. Shot of statues on fountain. Cut to shot of buildings with many different flags. Long shot with fountains in front of building. Close up shot of American flag.