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Footage of Billy Rose’s Aquacade from 1939 World Fair. Shot of long pool with dancers on other side, red and white columns and palm trees in the background. Dancers run back and forth, cut to view of dancers in front of pool and back. Cut to shot of dancers walking away. Cut to shot of swimmers in background. Various shot of swimmers diving into pool in slow motion. Shots of them dancing synchronized in water. Shot of dancers on other side of pool. Person rides bike around them. Cut to long shot of dancers on back side of pool, then long overhead shot of dancers on either side, view of city in background. Closer shot of two performers, man and woman on other side of pool. Woman hands clothes to man, dives into pool. Shot of her swimming to other side. Various shots of her swimming in slow motion. Cut to shot of people on other side of pool with umbrellas. They unfold them and take off coats and jackets. Shot of synchronized swimmers in slow motion. long shot of man and woman, zooms in. Shots of swimmers diving into pool, slow and fast speed. Shot of fashion show on side of pool. More shots of diving and swimming.