Dark shuddering camera shot of patterned wall lit with spotlight. Circle with picture for Bermuda pops up on black. Cuts to shuddering camera night shots of city. Lights in a fountain appear. Cuts to shot of several fountains with lights and signs that are lit up. Shot of electric current flowing through the air. Shot of building lit up and turning. Shot of building lit up with fountain in front. Various other shots of night lights in the city. Shot of night show on stage, women in dresses, a pool of water in front of them. Long shot of two people standing on lit up deck in the water. They dive and cut to a dark shot of many others diving in a line after them. Very dark shots of synchronized swimming. Long shots of building lit up with lights. Fast shot of a stage with an American flag and people running back and forth. Shot of a pool in daylight and a diver jumping from the high dive. Cuts to shot of another diver. Cuts to shot of diver from farther view. Cuts to shot of synchronized divers, follows them down. Cut to shot of diver jumping to trampoline, then to water. Several other far shots of driver. Close up shot of synchronized divers, camera following them down in slow motion. Shot of girl bowing then diving from a low dive, swimming off. Shot of two men on diving board, one prepares, the other kicks him off.