Lyndon Baines Johnson addresses the American people in regards to the USS Maddox Destroyer being fired upon by the North Vietnamese. US Bolsters Forces Planes and Men Rushed to Asia. WS of aircraft carrier loaded with planes. WS of Maddox Destroyer. WS of a plane taking off from a carrier. Various shots of fleets, carriers, and destroyers. CU of an overhead missile being loaded. 2 missiles are loaded on the side of the carrier. Pilots board a US Air Force plane. 2 flight directors watch as a 406 takes off. Various planes take off. Exterior of the White House at night. Lyndon Baines Johnson approaches a podium and reports on the crisis. Cuts to footage of South Vietnamese people in a field. A helicopter creates strong winds on the ground. A family walks through, the father holds their baby and the mother holds the hand of their toddler, another family with suitcases huddles together on the ground. A woman is placed onto a stretcher. A small boy in a bucket hat cries. Army men next to a helicopter carry a wounded body. Cuts back to LBJ at the podium. He announces that the United States will increase their presence in South East Asia. WS of United Nations building, world flags hanging outside wave in the wind.