US "advisors" wearing camouflage and running with rifles in Vietnam. Image of young US GI holding carbine as titles are superimposed - "War and Advice." South Vietnamese soldiers lead captured Vietcong at gunpoint. A large military transport helicopter lands in rough terrain. Soldiers jump out of transport helicopter with rifles and run past camera. Paratroopers jumping out of airplane , parachutes opening immediately. From the ground, 3 planes fly overhead releasing parachuting GIs. Soldiers exit landing craft on beach. Huey helicopter hovers close to ground as GIs jump out with rifles. Shots in color of GIs running, crossing stream. LBJ gives speech on April 7th, 1965 at Johns Hopkins University - "Over this war -- and all Asia -- is another reality: the deepening shadow of Communist China. The rulers in Hanoi are urged on by Peking."