Footage of Hurricane Dora. Dora Aftermath President Inspects Disaster Area. WS of people walking against the wind as flooded waters fill the streets and palm trees are blown about. Palm trees are blown in various directions and flood water fills a porch. A man opens a front door to reveal that the rest of the house has been blown away. Only the ocean stands behind him. Various shots of upturned homes. WS aerial PAN of homes along the coast. Lyndon Baines Johnson looks through his window to observe the damage. Another WS aerial PAN. LBJ is surrounded by men as he sits by the window. The president rides into Jacksonville Beach, motorcyclists ride ahead on flooded streets and the President’s car and secret service follow behind. A cameraman films the President’s arrival towards the shore; he is surrounded by men in suits. PAN of the devastation. Johnson stands next to men who point out damage. They walk past an open water pipe that is spewing water.