Begins with a shot of a line of women’s legs dancing onstage. MS of the women’s dance and members of the military sitting behind them, they applaud at the end of the performance. Cuts to footage of a bread line, men in coats and hats hold trays as a policeman and service man scoop food onto their trays. PAN of men sitting and eating and holding tin cups. A group of people on a double decker bus wave as policemen stand nearby. Cuts to a group of men in matching uniforms marching in unison. They stretch together in unison. WS of a snowcapped mountain and a crane. LS of men hammering at the mountainside. A line of men work together to push sticks through the snow and into the ground. 2 men set up a barrel of dynamite. WS of the explosion on the side of the mountain. LS of military men with shovels smoothing out a path. 2 men with shovels stand by a sign: Bad Water 310 feet Below Sea Level Lowest Point in America. WS of men working with shovels next to a lake. Cuts to men with axes chopping down trees on a snowy hillside. MCU of 2 men chopping at separate trees. MS of trees falling. Cuts to men exiting snow covered trains and running together through the snow. A line of men pull on a rope coming out of a snowy hill, through the snow comes a line of other men holding on to the rope through the other side. These men are dragged through the opening.