Medium shot of doctor at man’s bedside around his legs. He motions for him to turn on his side as he examines his legs. He tests the resistance in his thigh muscle. He turns him back to his back and sits at end of bed, lifts up his knees. Shot of front of doctor pushing knees in and out to test strength in leg muscles. There is some weakness in the left leg. He puts legs back down. Shot of doctor at man’s head, feeling his chest and neck. Zooms out as he puts shirt back on and blanket back over chest. Longer shot of bed with man in it, doctor closing up his case. Boy takes out comb and begins to comb his hair back as doctor voice over speaks about the possibility of polio for this young man. Cut to shot of doctor washing hands in bowl and drying them with towel. Doctor says man might have to go to hospital. Man nods and watches doctor leave the room.

Not Explicit