Footage of a circus. Begins with a hobo clown eating a loaf of bread. Cuts to a woman standing on a horse’s back that is riding around the ring. She back flips on the horse. Cuts to the audience, an elderly man in a bow tie has his grandson in his lap and points to the ring. Intertitle: Amazing gymnastic feats aloft by the Voise Troupe. A man performs on parallel bars at the top of the tent. He flips around them and jumps from one to another then flips off. A clown performs on the bars next and flips around them. Cuts back to the grandfather and grandson and he points. Another clown gets on the bars and grabs onto the clown’s leg. They hook their feet onto one another and the clown takes a broom and sweeps dust off his butt then spanks him with it. They flip over and the clown grabs a hammer and hits him on the butt, smoke comes out of the hammer. Intertitle: The only group of Pamalino Liberty horses in the world. WS of the ring, the ringmaster waves his arm as horses trot around the edge. They line up and trot around the ring. The ring master has a whip and directs them. He flips the whip in a circle and all of the horses stand on their hind legs. Cuts to the hobo clown about to eat something then stops. Intertitle: The most daring rider in all the world - Miss Dorothy Herbert! There is a fence that is on fire and a horse runs towards it then away.