Footage of a circus. Begins with intertitle: Everyone is headed for the “Big Top”! WS of a circus tent, people walk through and cars are parked nearby. A family with children walks towards the tent. Intertitle: Silk candy and soda pop! A mother walks to a cotton candy vender with her daughter, a man hands the girl a large cotton candy. CU of a boy chugging from a soda bottle, behind him a black boy walks past and watches. Intertitle: “Step this way to the big side show!” A man in a hat stands behind an ad for a sideshow act and speaks. Intertitle: “Watch the little lady on my right!” MS of a group of people standing in front of the man, next to him are a line of women. One woman has a snake around her neck, and the woman next to her swallows a sword. “Annette, snake charmer extraordinary!” MCU of Annette as she takes plays with the snake. Intertitle: Now for the big show! WS of the tent, Circus Main Entrance, people walk through. Cuts to interior of the tent, a man hands wind spinners to the children in the front row. Intertitle: Cole Brothers Circus presents the magnificent spectacle “Pan Americana”! Performers enter the tent, women dressed as toy soldiers ride in on horses and carry American flags, behind them is a marching band. Clowns enter after them, followed by more performers on horses. A man rides on a float pulled by horses, on the float is Mother Goose. A man dressed as a police officer rides in and behind him are girls scantily clad in costumes. A woman then enters on a carriage pulled by zebras. A hobo clown rides in on donkeys, and people walk through with camels and llamas. Another woman rides in on an elephant. Intertitle: A congress of clowns! CU of a clown in a police uniform looking like a monkey.