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Aerial WS of a lush island, the trees are shifting to fall colors. Aerial LS of a shore. Cuts to quick shot among the clouds. Aerial shot of New York, various buildings emit smoke into the air, it is smoggy. A narrow street is packed with cars. On a street corner a crowd of people walk and cross, a man pushes clothing rack to the sidewalk. A fire truck makes a sharp turn down a street. A man walks towards a packed crowd. Cuts to a freeway where trucks pass by, in BG are 2 mounds of garbage stacked high. CU of sludge with flower pedals waving. Cars drive up a freeway turnoff. An airplane drives through a tarmac, in BG chimneys release smoke. A bulldozer plows through field, the exhaust releases dark smoke. A crane lifts dirt out of the ground, construction workers stand beside it. PAN of a wooded area to houses being built, a row of houses in BG. PAN of a full parking lot. WS of a construction site, it is completely flat and a truck drives away. On a bridge cars pass each other. Cuts to the cardboard case for beer on the ground, PAN to a campsite with tents. Children and adults stand outside and cars drive past. Shot of a dried up and frozen soil bed, bare trees and bushes stand in it.