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Shot of men using a “long tom”, a similar device to a cradle for sifting gold. The weight of the gold would catch it in the ripples of the device. Shot of men shoveling dirt into buckets. Shot of settlers diving into the water with their pants on and others wading into the water fully clothed. Shot of the men splashing water and messing around. The narrator explains that the 7th day is a day of rest for the miners. Shot of a man digging with a shovel, and the man supervising him says “We’re all set, boys!” Shot of four miners in hats carrying a coffin and lowering it into the ground as the narrator explains that some men died in the campground. As a eulogy is said and the men are gathered around the coffin, one man finds gold on the ground and shows it to the eulogizer. The eulogizer justifies the examination of this gold instead of finishing the funeral rites and lifts the coffin back out of the hole. Shot of miners over a pan with a scale containing a fair amount of gold. Wider shot of them in a tent examining the gold and putting it into bags. Shot of a man with a cart rounding a bend.