This clip contains footage of magicians in India. Fade in to a men playing music with a piccolo, tambourine and drum. Boys stand around in the crowd behind them, many wear turbans and hats. Cuts to a man standing in front of a table with 3 cups. Men and children stand around watching. The man puts a small ball into his mouth, then pulls a long string of flags out of his mouth. The audience claps. The man then takes something out of another man’s. He then continuously pulls eggs out of his mouth. Cuts to a man wearing a fez surrounded by an audience of men. He begins pulling out yards of string and breaking it into several pieces before lighting them on fire and blowing on them, creating smoke. He then rolls it into a ball and pulls it out of his palm fully intact. He then places the string into his mouth, rattles a box and plays on his flute. He then fans himself and blows out smoke from his mouth.