Promotional film about San Francisco. Narrator explains places to visit outside of San Francisco. Shot of Golden Gate Bridge from above. Shot of “great highway along ocean beach,” then a shot of sailboats on Lake Merced. Shot of El Camino Real road sign taken from inside a car. Shot of Hoover Tower at Stanford University. Stanford Memorial Church viewed through an archway. Shots of Monterey peninsula coastline. Shot of Lone Cypress (”wind-blown cypress”). Shot of San Carlos Mission in Carmel. Shot of Bay Bridge. Shots of University of California campus and Sather Tower (“its imposing campanile”). Shots of Gold Country(”Mother Lode Country”). Stage coach and horses driving past. Shots of Yosemite, Yosemite waterfalls. Shot of ski lift at Lake Tahoe and then a shot of skiers racing down a hill. Shots of water skier being pulled by a boat in lake.