In this clip, an Asian-American family visits some sites in San Francisco, San Simeon, and Lake Tahoe. The clip opens on a CU of flowers, then cuts to a shot of a barbecue firing up. Next, a MWS of an Asian boy sitting in a butterfly chair, waving for the camera. A Southern Pacific Berkeley ferry boat goes by in the next shot, then we see a small motor boat go by with one man in it. WS pan of the Bay Bridge, then a cut to the Ferry Building and a tilt down to show a boy standing in front of it. ES of The Thinker statue by Rodin, then cut to a MWS of an older man in a garden. Next, a WS of a cat cleaning itself by some trash cans outside, then a WS of a man standing outside his house. Cut to a WS of a wooden sign that says “HEARST SAN SIMEON STATE HISTORICAL MONUMENT” with a silver car just behind it, then a pan of the Roman Pool at Hearst Castle. Next, a tilt down of the front of Hearst Castle, then a CU of the facade and entrance. The subsequent shot says “JUNE 1959”, then another says “STATELINE LAKE TAHOE”. WS of a group of Asian women smiling and waving at the camera from a motel balcony, with a man just to the right of them. In the next shot, another man joins the women outside. Next comes a LS of a pool, then a MWS of a boy lounging in a chair by it. Following is a sot of two women smiling, one from a lawn chair with a car behind them, then a CU of a retro sign that says “THE MALIBU MOTEL”. In shots toward the end, the family members walk along the balcony with a pan in hand, then in the last shot a lady, seated in a lawn chair, speaks to a man in a fedora, who has his back to the camera.