Newsreel detailing Mussolini’s propaganda and changes in Italy under his rule.Opens with propaganda films of Mussolini skiing. Shot of a doctor taking a baby and a little pile of babies as narrator describes Mussolini’s rewards for Italians who reproduce. A medium long shot of a mother in bed surrounded by her children as they raise their hands and look at the camera. Cut to Mussolini saluting at a group of small children in militia uniforms. Then a medium shot of an adult soldier showing a child soldier how to use the gun he holds in his hands. A long shot of a children procession, in uniforms, as they sing. Medium shot of Mussolini at desk with other men as he signs documents. A sculptor measuring and creating a monument for Mussolini. Narrator describes the Italians’ like for him. A shot of the sculpture, which is Mussolini saluting from a horse. Cut to long, aerial shot of people making a display of his face in a piazza with flowers. A shot of Mussolini standing in front of microphones without a shirt on. Cut to close up shot of his face with hat on, he salutes. Cut to crowd shot. Medium shot of him giving a speech to a crowd from balcony.

Not Explicit