Details Hitler’s rise, Germany, and WWII in context of Mussolini’s career.Opens with statue/monument of a swastika. Cut to a long shot of a procession of Nazi soldiers with flags walking towards the camera from right to left side of screen. Cut to shot skimming over heads of men in procession to catch flags and crowd/buildings behind them. Then to a medium-long shot of Hitler saluting the procession. Cut to medium shot of Hitler saluting, Long shot of procession walking away from camera. Medium shot of Hitler at a pedestal giving a speech. Cut to view from a train window of a bridge being passed through and cityscape and body of water in the distance. Long then medium shot of Hitler sitting on a train talking to other men. Hitler adjusts himself and smiles as he converses. Another point of view shot from a train window of a building, presumably Italian as the narrator is describing Hitler visiting Mussolini. Medium-long shot of Hitler standing at train window looking out to a crowd as camera pans out to show the crowd along the train tracks. Medium shot of Hitler, from behind, in silhouette, facing the crowd outside the train along the tracks. Long shot from outside train where soldiers wait at the station as it pulls in. Medium shot of people in crowd reaching up to him. Long shot as he steps out of train to shake hands with soldiers waiting for him. Quick long shot of soldiers lined up (line is axial to screen) as they cock their guns in unison. Cut to exterior of an edifice cutting to interior where Hitler stands in small circle shaking hands with and speaking to Mussolini. At first Hitler’s face is in view and Mussolini’s back, then reverse shot to see Mussolini’s face.

Not Explicit