Newsreel detailing Mussolini and fascism in Italy.Opens with Italy in 1970s. Shots of crowds, chaos, and propaganda posters filling the streets. Neo-fascist giving speech and men in crowd listening to him.Italy 1922. Procession of soldiers, cheering crowd. Shot of Mussolini at age 39 in top hat and suit. Soldiers, presumably the Black Shirts the narrator describes, marching along a road. Medium shot of two soldiers, one without a hat holding a flag. Back to shot of Mussolini in top hat and then crowd cheering. Varying shots of Mussolini giving speeches to crowds as they cheer. Cut to medium shot of Mussolini. One of earliest sound recordings on film of Mussolini delivering message to the US in the English language.Shots of Mussolini baling hay in front of a crowd which cheers for him. He waives to them.

Not Explicit