This clip contains 2 commercials, one for Arizona Public Service Company, and the other for Cole of California. Begins with a sun rising over mountains VO: This is energy! Dissolves to waves crashing, VO repeats. MS of a children’s legs and feet in shallow water. VO repeats. CU of a hand pulling a lever, other levers lined along the wall. CU of a hand flipping a light switch. CU of a coffee pot boiling. A young boy plays with a train set. CU of a man using a buzz saw to cut a plank of wood. A man and woman sit on horses in a merry-go-round, they wave. POV of a patient on operating table, 2 doctors in scrubs lean over the patient, the doctor passes an instrument. MS of an airplane flying. POV of airplane landing. WS of pipes funneling smoke, a sign reads: Public Service. The logo for Arizona Public Service Company, fade out. Begins with a shot of the sun, dissolves to 2 seagulls flying. Dissolves to PAN of an ocean’s gentle waves. Dissolves to CU of a blonde woman’s face. She swishes her hair. Cuts to a newspaper blowing down the beach. The headline reads: Scandal on the Beach. PAN up from the newspaper to a bed and the woman’s foot. CU PAN of her face to her swimsuit. PAN of the ocean. Zoom out of the woman who sits on the bed, Cole of California, waves crash in background, fade out.