This clip contains footage of Woodrow Wilson, an assembly line, troops training, Lindberg, prohibition, and the Depression.Begins with Woodrow Wilson signing a declaration of war against Germany, Austria, and Hungary, entering the United States into WWI. Several shots of an assembly line of cannon production. LS of a tank engine being carried by a conveyor. Cuts to selections for the draft, military members stand around a blindfolded man, a man in uniform reaches into a fishbowl and mixes up the papers, then the blindfolded man reaches into the bowl. Cuts to several men standing and watching a parade, one appears to be Thomas Roosevelt. Many men in suits and hats march. A man has his mouth inspected by a man with a tongue depressor. WS of men doing jumping jacks outdoors and circuit training. They march along a path in uniform. LS of horses pulling carriages through the snow, uniformed men whip them. Cuts to naval ships on the water, one fires a cannon. Soldiers in a wooded area fire a cannon. WS of fighter jets in the sky. A ship that has caught fire sails by as black clouds of smoke funnel from it. WS of troops holding an American flag. Cuts to a busy American street. WS of a street, various Ford cars and a double-decker bus. Various shots of men breaking open barrels of alcohol with mallets, shots of barrels dumping their contents onto the ground. MS of barrels on fire. Cuts to Charles Lindbergh and a woman standing next to the Spirit of St. Louis plane. Lindbergh puts on a coat and enters the plane, the plane then takes off. CU of Wall St. sign. Various shots of men in suits at the New York Stock Exchange. A board representing shares has numbers light up. Cuts to WS of a bread line with mostly men. CU of men’s shoes as they walk. Shot of men walking in a line. Ends with a roller coaster with Ford cars driving on them.