This clip shows people harvesting various fruits and vegetables on a farm. It begins with a CU of Wild Raspberries. Various shots of peaches, in trees and being picked. Cuts to a shot of children picking beans. A shot of a girl picking purple beans. A CU of sweet corn. A shot of broccoli. A CU of squash. A CU of a hand picking an eggplant. A shot of tomatoes. A shot of cherry tomatoes. A kid eating a cherry tomato. A shot of a kid making a display of fruit and vegetables at the county fair. A shot of a sign that says “first place,” then “Jackson County Fair.” A shot of kids riding ponies on a pony ride. Kids waiting in line. A WS of a Ferris Wheel. A shot of pumpkins. Various shots of tractors tilling and harvesting the land.

Not Explicit