This is an animated short featuring a phallic protagonist, Dirk.Begins with people protesting, they carry signs: ‘Viva Dirk’, ‘Up With Dirk’. People run over a drawbridge into a castle. The King looks around nervously, the door opens behind him with people crowded around, the King looks panicked. Cuts to a window on the castle, the King is thrown out naked, and Dirk sits on the windowsill. Dirk sits on a throne smiling, people in FG cheer. Inter title: Not Much Later...A large crowd stands in front of Dirk’s throne. CU of Dirk on the throne smiling, he then turns red and seems embarrassed. Cuts back to the people in front of his throne, then back to CU of Dirk. Dirk smiles and has a female orange placed on his “nose” or penis. Cuts to a group orgy. Cuts to phallic architecture including: Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Empire State building, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Cuts to the phallic castle, Dirk and the orange have sex on the lawn.