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This is an animated short featuring a phallic protagonist, Dirk.Begins with a female body drawn to resemble a mountainside. Cuts to a town drawn to resemble a male body, a tower is erected between the man’s legs. Zoom in to the tower, zoom in to the window wear a king sits on a throne. PAN down the tower (phallic symbolism). Cuts to a window with a phallic shaped character, Dirk, a butterfly flies above him. A basket is lowered to the window, Dirk climbs in and is lifted up the tower. Cuts to the King reaching through a window and grabbing Dirk by the “nose” or tip of the penis, then pulling him into the room. The King looks around suspiciously before removing his robe. Dirk then performs felatio on the King. Various shots of this action, the King then finishes and sprays semen on Dirk. Cuts to Dirk performing felatio on the King again, whose face is red. Fade to black.

Not Explicit