This clip details a meeting at the United Nations that involved many heads of state and a speech from Hammarskjold in which he states that he will keep his post despite Soviet pressures to quit.The clip opens on Premier Nehru of India speaking before the General Assembly of the United Nations. President Nasser of the United Arab Republic speaks next, followed by Castro of Cuba, Prime Minister Diefenbaker of Canada, President Kkrumah of Ghana, and President Tito of Yugoslavia. Police officers walk in the street before United Nations Headquarters. Some anti-Communist picketers protest outside the building. There is a shot of Khrushchev looking down from a balcony in MWS. Establishing shot of United Nations Headquarters, then of the General Assembly Hall. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold speaks from a desk in response to an attack from Khrushchev. People in the audience clap, and Khrushchev is shown smiling like an idiot and banging his fists on the table to show disagreement. Prime Minister Macmillan of Great Britain speaks at a podium in MS when he is interrupted by Khrushchev yelling and pointing from the audience.