This clip details the U2 incident, East-West summit in Paris, and a meeting at the United Nations.The clip opens on a balcony with a cameraman filming the Elysee Palace in Paris. Another shot shows the press lined up in this area, ready to photograph in front. The front gates are shown, then another shot shows Khrushchev walking down the steps. He climbs into a car. Eisenhower next leaves the building and gets into another car. A plane takes off in LS. The debris from the U2 incident crash is shown, and then Khrushchev is shown with some of it. there is a LS of the room in which the pilot is put on trial. MS of Francis Gary Powers, then a MS of some of the crowd. There are a few more shots of the ornate court room, then a woman gets into a car. Establishing MS of United Nations Headquarters, then some inside of people gathered in the General Assembly Hall. New members walk forward, most African as indicated by the VO and wearing traditional dress. President Eisenhower speaks in MS, then Prime Minister Macmillan of Great Britain, then Soviet Premier Khrushchev, then President Toure of Guinea, then premier Nehru of India.