There is no sound until 10:35:57:09. Title card reads "Boston" with the United Press logo in the background. Begins with a shot at ice level of an "Original Six" hockey game between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadians. Boston is the home team and playing in Matthews arena, nicknamed "Boston Arena". The players wear no helmets and have rudimentary padding. The game begins at center ice and Montreal wins the face-off and takes it into the Boston zone. The camera is at ice level and close to the action as players pass the puck and smash into each other. In the next shot the camera has moved to the corner of the area near the Montreal zone and the Boston player shoots and the Montreal goalie makes a nice save. For the next shot the camera is higher in the arena and at center. More action as the hockey players pass and shoot. There is a great shot of the scoreboard located above center ice. The Canadians lead the Bruins 2-0. The scene ends with a Boston player's attempt at scoring and the players all leave the ice through a single doorway. Next a new title card which reads "United Nations" with the United Press logo in the background. Men mill about a stage where a podium and microphones are placed. A man opens the general assembly's seventh session and introduces Dag Hammarskjold as the new Secretary-General of the United Nations. Dag Hammarskjold shakes several men's hands and the room is cut to where people look on. There is one last close-up of Dag as he sits down on the stage.