This clip examines the culture of 1969, contains VO. Begins with MS of a ship carrying oil. Cuts to a Boeing 747 landing, cuts to the interior of the plane. Cuts to the plane taking off. Movie poster for “I Am Curious (yellow)”. People waiting in line at a theatre. Cuts to a sign for the musical ‘Hair’ at the Biltmore, pan to the poster featuring people yelling. Poster for the off-Broadway production of Geese, and a sign for ‘Oh! Calcutta’ at a theatre. Sexually explicit poster. Freeway traffic jam. At the US-Mexico border, officers examine items entering the US. Hands lifting drugs out of a bag. Troops tearing open bags of marijuana, pouring gasoline onto it, and setting it on fire. The pile burns. A man dancing at Woodstock, with a crowd in the background. Various shots of Woodstock crowd and bands. Various shots of hippies and young children at Woodstock, a boy carrying a poncho walks barefoot, many people carry food supplies from a chopper, a young mother holds her baby, a young woman sets plates on a long table. A rocket launch. Shot of the earth from the moon. Close-up of an astronaut. The astronaut shaving.

Not Explicit