Closed street where police are raiding a Black Panther office. Gunshots are audible. Police officers outside a building in Chicago, after a raid at a Black Panther office where Fred Hampton was killed. A black woman looks angrily at the camera as she is held by a police officer. Police officer on the street, and a zoom in to one on a radio. A black man in handcuffs, then another in the following shot. Soldiers running away from the camera in Northern Ireland. People run all over as soldiers attempt to restore order. Smoke billowing, and a shot of a a building on fire. Moving shot of starving children in Biafra, the area that seceded from Nigeria in the late 1960s. The children, some naked, lay on cots. In other shots pills and medicines are administered. The Middle East: shots of the desert and along the Suez Canal. Shots of Israeli troops in tanks and military gear.