A crude map of Ireland. Camera focuses on Northern Ireland. People rioting in the street. A person is carried by two men. An RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary- the Northern Irish police force) officer has the back of his neck wiped by a fellow officer. The officers wear riot gear. A young mother with small children pushes a pram past a British army soldier. IRA (Irish Republican Army) graffiti. Armed British soldiers. Derry city streets. A graveyard over looking Derry streets. A soldier looks out from behind a stack of sand bags on top of a bridge. A cannon in the old city walls points towards a church. Stained glass windows. A portrait of King William III (William of Orange). Illustration of a battle. Mural on a wall in Derry. An orange march (members of the Orange Order marching). Men playing bagpipes. John Hume looking out over the Bogside area of Derry. Hume and an interviewer walk past the rubble of a building.