“Dominican Republic.” General Rafael Trujillo giving a speech. Bullet holes in car as narrator says that Trujillo was assassinated in 1961. The assassins bodies on display in a morgue. Trujillo’s son Rafael Jr. is interviewed by the press. Police run through the streets beating people with clubs that are rioting. President Joaquin Balaguer gives a speech. US warships off the Dominican shore. Rafael Trujillo Jr. and his family are escorted to an airplane to be deported. People loot the Trujillo mansion. People protest Balaguar’s presidency. Rioting in Santo Domingo. Dead body. Soldiers walk through the streets, and tanks roll down the street. “Brazil.” President Janio Quadros resigns. Politicians yell at each other. Joao Gulart assumes the presidency. Ernest Hemingway walks outside with wife, Mary Welsh and looks at a copy of “the Old Man and the Sea.” Hemingway watches a bull-fight. The narrator says Hemingway took his own life this year (1961).