“The Congo.” Map of Africa showing the Congo. Congolese village with people waiting in line for food and services. Starving children. People getting off an airplane. Central government president Kasavubu speaking. Moise Tshombe shown as narrator talks about Katanga secession. Cyrille Adoula is shown taking over as premier of the Republic of the Congo after Prime Minister Patrice Lamumba was captured and killed by Tshombe’s forces. Riots and protests in different cities after Lamumba’s death. Troops invading Katanga. Wounded soldiers in a hospital. UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold shakes hands with Kasavubu. Wreckage of UN plane that Hammarskjold was in when it crashed. Men lowering UN flag to half-mast. Tribute in Sweden for Hammarskjold, narrator says he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously. Military in Katanga. Wounded and dead bodies in the streets.

Not Explicit