This newsreel contains footage of uprisings and riots against governments in South Korea, Turkey, and Algeria. Begins with MS of South Koreans pushing past police forces. Various shots of police and citizens fighting. WS of a tank driving through the street, citizens in BG. WS of a street, army forces stand in the middle, smoke visible in BG. MS of a room, on the floor are dead bodies covered with white sheets. MCU of a Korean woman crying in a crowd. MS of Korean signs. CU of John Chang addressing a crowded stadium. Cuts to MS of Adnan Menderes walking with government officials, military men walk in front of him. MCU of Eisenhower and Menderes shaking hands in the oval office. Cuts to MS of Menderes and other men walking in front of Turkish military men. WS of Turkish citizens marching in the streets, some hold flags. MS of men running down the street, some carry Turkish flags. WS of the street as tanks drive through. Another shot of the tank and the crowd marching. CU of Turkey’s Lieutenant General. Cuts to WS of the streets of Algeria as people run from riot police. MS PAN of riot police. Ms of men in the street throwing rocks. MS of riot police running, smoke visible. Ends with WS of a street as a man throws a rock.