This clip shows the destruction caused by a plane crash, people watching the plane taking off and crashing and a ship sinking. WS of man using a hose to spray water on a fire of a crashed plane. LS of the destruction and debris from the accident. Cut to a CU of a woman being interviewed. WS of plane jet plane taking off. LS of 120,000 spectators. LS of plane flying across the sky. LS of hot metal and parts of the plane flying through the sky and landing into the spectators. LS of body of the jet plane falling from the sky and crashing into the ground. EWS of the aftermath of the accident. Cut to a LS of a broken ship tilted to the side. MS of the text saying flying enterprise. Cut from WS of ship sinking to three men and back to the ship which has sunk. Cut to a LS of a street parade. Cut to a MS of a captain Carlson in a car waving his hat to people while getting his picture taken. Cut to a WS of a ship. CU side shot of the ships front.

Not Explicit