Shot of San Francisco City Hall. Shot of a sports stadium as a woman with a red knapsack walks by. Shot of the Ferries Cliff House Railway sign on building. Dark shot of a water wheel. Shot of autumn leaved trees along a gravel path and a small house with a graphic reading The Country. Shots of quaint houses in the country near large trees. Shot of a fence. Shot of a brown horse on a hill shaking its head. Shot of the horse grazing. Shot of a large house with a yellow car in front of it. Shot of a road with yellow hills in the background and small houses in the midground. Shot of a house by the road with a rust colored roof. Shot of a long row of cows on a yellow hill before a fence walking in a line. Closer shot of the cows, which are mostly brown. Shot of a large freeway bridge with cars moving slowly. Faraway shot of the bridge. Shot of a different bridge that might be the Bay Bridge. Shot of cars and trucks entering and leaving the front of the bridge. Shot of a small boat passing under an open bridge.