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This clip contains footage of the city of San Francisco, California, in the 1980’s. It begins with a WS of a busy freeway. Cuts to a shot of a busy street in San Francisco. A few similar shots of busy streets. A shot of a clock. A shot of skyscrapers. Cuts to a shot of a cable car. Three small children help “push” the cable car to get it going. People enter the cable car. The cable car leaves. Cuts to another cable car being rotated around, then set on the track. A WS of a cable car passing through a large crowd. A band of musicians play within a cable car. A group of woman in 1920’s era apparel stand in the cable car. A shot of the marching band from the University of California, Berkeley. A person in a outfit that resembles Big Bird from Sesame Street hand out fliers. A man leans against a tripod and talks to two other photographers. A man on the street works with an unidentified contraption. A shot of city hall.