This is a psychedelic clip of go go dancers, computers, machinery, tapes, old photographs, turn of the century style illustrations, and various bright shapes on images with a black BG throughout. Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night” plays during part of the clip, then a song about computers and love. At the start, a band plays a rock song with computer sounds that seems to be from the sixties (we hear the music before we see members of the band); people dance and shots are colored to convey the kaleidoscopic feeling. These shots are mixed in with shots of tapes, computers, and machinery, some with fast zooms and pans. There’s a POV shot on the dance floor at the end of this montage, then there is a CU of some machinery. printing something out. VO of a woman and man talking about their matches starts over the images. Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night” begins as there are various tinted CUs of the computers and tapes. The printers seem to write out numbers for something. Next comes two photos of women from what appears to be the turn of the century (19th to 20th), followed by several much older illustrated pictures (18th or early 19th centuries). The Sinatra song stops and a new song begins, “My Computer Baby” from the sound of it. With a black BG, lyrics to the song in text appear below images that move at the center. Shapes cover the images at various times. The animations are very interesting, with stars, stripes, circles, and others in various lines. The shapes echo the printed papers from earlier in the clip. The clip ends with the line “Computers never lie about love” with a heart on screen, then a “STOP” button flashing several times.

Not Explicit