This is the theatrical trailer for the movie “Blast!” (also known as “The Final Comedown.”) It begins with a shot of a man jumping/ falling off a balcony. A shot of police shooting from the ground. A man shooting from a roof top. Various people shooting. A shot of a young black man walking down the street. The same man, not shirtless, talking to a woman about how angry he is. A shot of him kicking down a door and shooting the man on the other side. Close ups of guns firing. A shot of a black man running up steps. A shot of another man holding a gun. A shot of a man standing talking to a man off camera. Two men talk to a car. A shot of a black woman telling a black man to keep his hands off her. Cuts to a man in a suit throwing a a woman against a chain link fence and talking about a man who needs guns. Cuts to a white man digging up a pile of guns with a black man and talking about an Uzi. Various shots of people shooting and being shot. A CU of a man putting a gun to a man’s head. A cop pulling out his gun. Shots that cut back and forth of a man jumping from a ledge and a cop falling dead off a balcony. A man using kung fu to attack cops. An explosion with the title “Blast!” superimposed over the image. Two men walking down the street. A man talking to a female driver from the back seat of a car. Various shots of people shooting and being shot. A helicopter exploding in the sky. A man driving a car. The ratings information.