This is a theatrical film trailer for the movie “Beneath the Planet of the Apes.” It begins with a split screen with a talking ape on the left side and a man on the other. Cuts to an ape spouting “anti-human” rhetoric. A shot of a crowd of apes cheering. Back to the head ape yelling. Goes back to the split screen of the ape and human. A MS of a group of apes with guns running down a corridor. A WS of apes using a battering ram to break through a gate. A WS of a crowd of apes. Apes shooting humans. A WS of a man and woman walking through a wasteland. A shot of the man uncovering an old sign that says “New York.” A WS of apes on horseback. The ape and human split screen again. A shot of the man and woman on a horse and the horse being startled by lightning/ ape technology. The couple on horseback feel an earthquake and the ground gives way next to them. A shot of fire/ flames. A shot of a giant ape statue falling down. A shot of James Franciscus. A shot of Maurice Evans. A shot of Kim Hunter. A shot of Linda Harrison. A shot of Charlton Heston. A shot of the title of the film. A shot of the films rating (it is rated “G”).