WS of soldiers walking up a hill as VO of an American soldier starts. LS of soldiers walking near a hut. LS of cows and soldiers walking by. WS of soldiers talking to farmers. LS of a French town. WS of artillery firing. CU of soldier firing a gun. LS of soldier running toward camera away from a building. LS of a soldier firing in a town. LS of railway tracks with smoke in the BG. WS of von Schlieben walking as camera follows him. Shots of Cherbourg, WS of prisoners being taken in. LS of the harbor, aerial view. Shots of soldiers repairing parts of the harbor. ELS of soldiers marching with beach and water in BG. Dissolve to guns as a man picks one up and the VO is taken over by a Frenchman. Shots of these soldiers in berets and walking through rubble, shot from above. MS of French soldiers shooting a machine gun. LS of soldiers looking around with guns in their hands. LS then WS of soldiers marching in the mountains. CU of one looking through binoculars. Shots of the mountains from above, men firing guns, and a bomb exploding in LS then WS, the smoke billowing out. WS of men walking with guns in shadow. View from above of a town. CU of a sign that says “ORADOUR SUR GLANE”. Shots of the shelled out town and dead bodies on the ground. Shots from inside the burned church.