This clip contains footage of British soldiers and Cherbourg, and later American soldiers also in France during World War II. LS of jeeps coming off of some docks. The VO of a British soldier begins. LSs of a harbor, then one of a boat arriving with men all over the deck of a warship. WS of a truck coming off the boat. LSs of trucks unloading the boat. MS of soldiers coming of the boat. LS of destroyers being over taken by high winds and waters. WS of a small boat full of soldiers coming ashore. Cut to more shots of the unloading of the boats. An ELS of trucks traveling away from the warships follows. A truck passes in WS. A map with Cherbourg identified on it comes on screen. LSs of soldiers marching in the French town. A MS of the soldiers marching on wet cobblestones is followed by a shot that places the camera inside their flanks as the soldiers pass by. There is another shot of the map, then a LS of jeeps, tanks, and trucks traveling along. Shots of soldiers walking, airplanes flying, as well as a CU of one pilot’s face. An American takes over the VO as CUs of soldiers on headsets and looking into the distance come up. There is a LS of farmers, then several shots of soldiers advancing with gunshots and jumping about.