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This clip contains footage of WW2, a news VO and testimony from a French citizen. Begins with MCU of a man hanging a French flag out of a window. Cuts to MLS of a street, French flags on top. MS of people crossing the street. MCU of silhouettes of soldiers firing, Notre Dame in BG. MS PAN of a doctor and 2 nurses running down the sidewalk towards a safe zone. Various shots of French citizens running into the street, they smile, wave and cheer. Various shots of Allied tanks driving through cheering crowds. Dissolve to a drawing of France, Allied Forces and Nazi flags indicate seized territories. Crosscuts of ground soldiers with flying fighter planes. Cuts back to drawing of France, zoom in to Brussels containing a Nazi flag. Dissolve to various shots of tanks driving on dirt paths. Citizens wave, cheer and clap. CU of a sign pointing to Brussels. More shots of Allied tanks and cheering French citizens.