This clip shows broken vehicles, ships moving tanks and other objects, soldiers walking, planes and bombs being dropped. WS of broken vehicles. MS of soldiers waiting in their trenches. MS of ship crane moving large items. WS of sailors getting off ship. WS of ship crane moving tank. WS of soldiers on a ship. WS of tank being moved by crane. WS of ship and men walking in foreground. MS of men moving goods. MS of men moving a cart. MS of tanks on a train. MS of soldiers walking by. WS of men walking by. CU of a Western Desert sign. WS of many trucks and a train in the background. POV of airplane flying over a long line a trucks driving along a road. Different shots of tanks being loaded onto a ship. WS of tank driving next to ship. WS of airplanes flying in the sky. CU of pilot. POV of pilot looking down at ground. CU of switch being used. Bird’s-eye view of plane while bombs are being dropped.

Not Explicit