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This clip shows bombs being dropped, a ship being shot upon, a submarine firing torpedos and soldiers training. MS of bombs being dropped. CU of pilot. POV of pilot looking down. LS of bombs hitting the water. WS of ship with smoke coming out of it. CU of man aiming at ship. CU of man pressing trigger for plane machine gun. Switch between looking at the trip of the plane firing bullets and the target, the ship. POV of airplane shooting ships in water. MS of submarine submerging. INT MS of submarine. CU of man using periscope. Cut to periscope crosshair view. Text about different tube numbers lights up. CU of man steering a wheel. CU of man using periscope. CU of text “fire” lighting up. MS of torpedos launching. LS of ship being hit by torpedos. WS of men marching. MS of man talking. WS of lines of men lifting pipes over their head and onto their other shoulder. WS of men lying on their backs with their legs in the air and pressing the pipe up with their arms. MS of men climbing over a wall. MS of a four way tug of way.